With just 200 eligible Medicare patients, you can see in increase in revenue of $300,000. This is without purchasing software or purchasing devices. Additionally, practices see a 17% reduction in staffing costs when using our turn-key model.

Choice and Control Over Your Income and Your Workload

Our turn-key model is developed to seamlessly maximize patient care without burdening your practice financially and administratively. We recognize the need for versatility and flexibility for physician practices, therefore we offer two models to create the perfect partnership.

NO Up-front Expenses*
or Software Purchases**

*With our turn-key model
**Never any software purchases with either model Scale Billing Service

We Identify Additional Medicare-Approved Services

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Increase Reimbursements On ALL Medicare Billing

If your practice has more than 200 eligible Medicare patients, then you know just how important a high MIPS score is. Emphasis on the four components of Quality, Cost, Promoting Interoperability and
Improvement activities has shifted every year since inception of the system. HOWEVER, ONE THING HAS NOT CHANGED:
Physicians compete for the same dollars and a higher MIPS score means a higher reimbursement. In addition to bringing in new-found revenue through AWC, RPM, Coaching, and Gaps in Service, Remote Patient Services can help improve your reimbursements on all Medicare billing. REVENUE CALCULATOR SCHEDULE A DEMO