Remote Patient Monitoring

Daily monitoring, early detection and physician notifications significantly reduce ER visits and increase overall patient health.  On average, 70% of Medicare patients are eligible for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) at NO cost to them.

Unlike others in our industry, RPS provides all Medicare-approved devices at NO cost to your practice.

RPS will contact patients on your behalf via a personal one-on-one phone call, not an impersonal email or robo call. We explain the program to your patient, order their device (at NO cost to you or your patient), and schedule a time for the set-up of their device.

CHRONIC CONDITIONS: Medicare-approved for “at-risk” patients with chronic conditions
NON-ADHERENCE ALERTS: We will notify the patient as well as approved individuals if the patient misses a reading.
OUT OF RANGE: We will notify the practice of any abnormal readings so appropriate actions may be taken.
ACTIONABLE ITEMS: We will report these items, along with corresponding billing codes

We Identify Additional Medicare-Approved Services

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Choice and Control Over Your Income and Your Workload

Our turn-key model is developed to seamlessly maximize patient care without burdening your practice financially and administratively. We recognize the need for versatility and flexibility for physician practices, therefore we offer two models to create the perfect partnership.


We Report Gaps In Care

As a result of the AWC, RPM and coaching, we will recommend treatments and corresponding billing codes. Our turn-key model will make the workflow seamless for your staff by scheduling, administering (where applicable) and reporting, and by creating push-button billing.